Design Series | PIXIO-400


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The PIXIO-400 kit features: 400 cubes in 10 different colors. The eight colors of the PIXIO-200 kit plus orange and light brown, essential tones that complement the full construction range. Orange makes the characters more expressive and lively because it adds energy and freshness to them. Light brown provides the full shades of human skin, as well as of various animals.

Another great feature of the PIXIO-400 kit is the large amount of cubes that allow you to create little stories! 62 PIXIO cubes must be put together to make a child. Just like any child, he really wants a puppy and there are enough PIXIO blocks left in the kit to make him a beagle puppy. If a puppy is too much of a liability at this point, 74 PIXIO cubes can be used to create a cactus instead. With PIXIO®, everything happens like in real life.

Each kit comes with a booklet explaining how to build several models and in addition you can download the amazing PIXIO app and build hundreds more models!

Recommended for ages 6 and up

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